4 Apps Every Chicagoan Needs

These days, there’s an app for almost everything. From shopping to food to transportation, apps simplify your life and make the day-to-day easier, especially for those living in a large city like Chicago. There are so many apps available that it can feel a little overwhelming. To make things easier for you, PPM has done the legwork and picked out the most essential apps for Chicago living. Here are the apps every Chicagoan needs.


As far as transportation apps go, Transit is the best for living in Chicago. Transit covers all modes of transportation, so it works for everyone no matter what your go-to method of getting around is. You can use the app to check departure times for transit lines, hail a ride, or find the closest bike-sharing location. Transit makes it easy to get around the city without having to know your way around well, so it’s perfect for new Chicago transplants.


Not sure what to do tonight? Download the (free!) MyChiParks app, and you’ll get instant access to a full list of activities going on any of the 77 neighborhood parks around Chicago. You can use the “Nearby” feature to find events within walking distance of your location. The app allows you to filter your searches by event title, type, and date. This is an app every Chicagoan needs if they want to take advantage of all the city parks have to offer. Download MyChiParks and start exploring.



ParkChicago is a lifesaver for anyone who’s struggled to find a parking spot in Chicago (i.e., anyone that drives a car in the city). The app allows you to type in the code from the parking sign and add your license plate number so you can pay for the spot right from your phone. The app will let you know if you’re running short on time, and you can extend your time slot on the app from wherever you are.


The OverDrive app is kind of like a digital library card. Once you’ve signed up for an actual library card, this app allows you to “borrow” ebooks, audiobooks, and even videos from the Chicago Public Library. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of late fees, and you’ll be able to access it all without ever leaving your apartment.