PPM’s 3rd Annual Food Drive

Here at PPM, we like to take ourselves lightly, and can get downright goofy at times.  But there is one thing we take very seriously, and that’s our city and its people.  And when people in our very own neighborhood are in need, we’re happy to help. 

For the 3rd year in a row, Planned Property is pairing with Lakeview Pantry to host a food drive for those in need.  Last year we raised 2 tons of food for the needy, and this year we intend to raise 3 tons.  We know that it’s a lofty goal, but we also know our residents, and the kind and caring individuals they are. 

The food drive is open to anyone willing to help fellow Chicagoans that do not have enough to eat.  We need YOUR help.  Anything you can spare would be helpful, but the food items we are most in need of can be viewed by clicking the flyer on this page.

Bring your non-perishables to the lobby of any one of our 28 residential buildings or our 3 offices.  It will go to people in need in our very own PPM neighborhoods.  The food you’re not eating today, people in need could be literally be eating tomorrow.

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