3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Smell Like The Holidays

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decor Tips

Our sense of smell is closely tied to memory, so it’s no surprise that certain scents can evoke those “warm fuzzy” feeling during the holidays. The season is associated with so many delicious smells, from homemade baked goods to woody pine trees and seasonal spiced drinks. If you’re hoping to create that “homey” scent in your apartment, try some of our suggestions below:

 Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decor

Fresh Greenery

Real trees aren’t always the best choice for apartments. The downside to faux trees is that you miss out on that freshly-cut pine tree scent. But trees aren’t your only option—go for fresh pine greenery instead to make your apartment smell Christmasy without the pains that come with caring for an actual live tree. A wreath or freshly cut garland are both excellent alternatives.

 Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decor

Simmer Pot

Simmer pots are one of the easiest ways to quickly get your home smelling good. Just boil a pot of water on the stove, then reduce heat to a simmer and add seasonal spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peels, and cranberries. Feel free to mix it up and get creative with this and use whatever you have on hand.

 Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decor

Homemade Potpourri 

We’ve shared our love for homemade potpourri before. During the holidays, switch up your standard potpourri recipe by incorporating some winter scents, like pinecones, dried fruits, or sage. Potpourri often looks as good as it smells, especially when it includes holiday extras. House your potpourri in a glass bowl and it can easily double as a pretty seasonal centerpiece.


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