3 Tips For Cleaning Off Your House Plants

Chicago Apartments, Houseplant Cleaning

House plants, like anything else in your home, get dusty over time. Regular cleanings should be a part of your care routine, along with waterings. If the thought of cleaning your house plants sounds confusing, don’t fret — today, we’re showing you a few simple ways to get the job done. Here are our best tips for keeping your house plants clean. (Psst, these methods are actually fun.)

Chicago Apartments, Houseplant Cleaning

Give Them a Shower

Think humans and pets are the only ones in your home that put your shower to good use? Think again. House plants benefit from a good rinse-off every once in a while. Just stick them in the tub and gently turn the water on at a lukewarm temperature. Make sure to rotate the leaves so the undersides get rinsed, too. Giving your house plants an occasional shower will not only clean dust and dirt off them but can also help prevent infestation. Be careful not to bathe your cacti or succulents, though, as too much water may lead to rot.


Dust with a Brush

The dusting trick works particularly well for “fuzzy” leafed plants, such as African violets. Take a soft-bristled brush (even a toothbrush will do) and slowly stroke it over each leaf, starting from the base and ending at the tip. This will help remove stubborn dust. You’ll want to avoid using water on “fuzzy” leaves as it may result in spotting.

Chicago Apartments, Houseplant Cleaning

Wipe with a Damp Towel

For larger plants, a soft, moist towel will do just fine to remove dirt and debris. Be gentle with the leaves and be sure to avoid tearing them while wiping them down. The leaves will look shiny and healthy after you clean them off.