3 Simple Feng Shui Tips For Your Apartment’s Bathroom

The ancient art and science known as feng shui seeks to cultivate positive energy through the proper alignment and orientation of any given space. The history of feng shui dates back approximately 6,000 years, and it’s closely related to the Taoist belief in “chi,” or energy in the land. Bathrooms have a particularly bad reputation when it comes to feng shui and are often ignored. However, whether you believe in the positive power of feng shui or not, a clean, organized, and an aesthetically pleasing bathroom is something everyone can benefit from. Feng shui can be an effective guide to achieving this, and we’ll show you how.

Clean the Clutter

One basic element of feng shui involves removing excess clutter from your space. Clutter is known to create “bad” energy in your home, and some believe it can block the flow positive energy as well. Excess items, like toothpaste, soap, and lotion, can quickly pile up in bathrooms and create unwanted clutter. You can avoid messy bathrooms by ensuring that each of your essentials has a proper storage space. Clean out unnecessary items regularly so that you don’t create clutter by holding onto things you don’t need. Keep the items you use and need the most, and toss the rest for an organized, uncluttered space.

Include an Earth Element

The five elements of feng shui are water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. Those who follow feng shui believe that at least some of these elements must be present and balanced in order to promote positive energy and health. Bathrooms are overflowing with the “water” element, which is believed to cause a disturbance in the flow of energy. You can counteract this imbalance by adding an “earth” element to your bathroom’s decor, such as an earth-toned rug or towels. Alternatively, include a houseplant or two in your bathroom, which will help the space feel a little more polished.

Cover the Drains & Toilet

Another reason bathrooms have a bad reputation when it comes to feng shui is that they typically hold at least three water drains (the tub, the toilet, and the sink). In feng shui, it is believed that positive chi can escape through drains. To keep positive energy in your bathroom (and to stop your stray hairs from clogging up the drains), consider purchasing rubber drain covers for them. It’s also advised to keep the toilet seat down before you flush so that positive chi doesn’t escape when you flush (this will stop the spray of germs from your toilet as well).