3 Rules for a Stress- Free Closet!

Is your closet over-flowing? Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you’re getting dressed in the morning? At PPM we provide all of our tenants
with ample closet space, but it’s up to our tenants to get the most out of it! When looking at organizing your space, the closet is a vital part. Having a well organized closet is imperative to starting your day out right. Getting dressed in the morning can be a stressful event if you aren’t properly prepared.  The 3 basic rules for getting the most out of your space are Organize, Minimize and Prioritize! If you follow these steps you will surely have a stress free closet!
Prioritize.  To maximize your space make sure to keep things you wear often handy. In Summertime, Winter clothes go to the back or the bottom.  Some of our apartments come with additional storage units. It may be useful to switch out your clothes by season, keeping coats and bulky items stored.

Minimize! Good Will, the Brown or White Elephant, Salvation Army, and Plato’s Closet are one way to get started.  When looking through your clothes, consider every item. When was the last time you wore it? Don’t wait to decide if you’ll wear it again. Make a pile of items you haven’t worn recently.  When you have gone through everything make another pile of the items you think you want to keep. Remember the golden rule: less is more. The less clutter you have, the more happy you will be!

Organize! Organization is the name of the game. Some of our units have upgraded built-in closet organizers. If you are one of our lucky tenants make sure to get the most out of it! If not, kits are available and easily assembled at home.  Try Home Depot or the Container Store. You can customize what you need. Extra shelving is always helpful! If organizing  is not your forte, you may need to consult outside help to get you going. There are professional home organizers you can hire at a reasonable rate who can help you get your stuff together: Professional Closet Organizer.

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