3 Practical Benefits to Weighted Blankets

Chicago Apartments, Weighted Blanket Benefits

We’ve got good news: weighted blankets live up the hype.


You’d have to be living off the grid to have not heard about weighted blankets by now. They were one of the most popular gifts during the 2018 holiday season, and blog posts praising them are abundant.


So, what’s all the fuss about? Weighted blankets offer many benefits and can help you to feel healthier in various ways. Here’s why you should get one.

 Chicago Apartments, Weighted Blanket Benefits, Tips for Reducing Anxiety

Reduced Anxiety

Weighted blankets can help you sleep more soundly. They rely on a process known as “deep pressure stimulation,” which switches the body from using its “fight or flight” response to “rest and digest.” It does so by switching to the parasympathetic nervous system instead of the sympathetic nervous system. In short, the pressure from weighted blankets allows your body to relax, which it can’t properly do when it’s on high-alert mode.

 Chicago Apartments, Weighted Blanket Benefits, Tips for Better Sleep

Better Sleep 

A reduction in anxiety is only one of the ways weighted blankets can lead to better sleep. Deep pressure stimulation is also believed to make your body increase its production of serotonin. This can help you fall asleep quicker and sleep more soundly while you’re resting.

Chicago Apartments, Weighted Blanket Benefits, Tips for Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Weighted blankets have been shown to be a possible natural alternative to reducing mild pain symptoms. When applied correctly, it can actually mimic the pressure felt from a therapeutic, pain-relieving massage. It’s been shown to particularly benefit those who suffer from fibromyalgia pain.


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