3 Horror Films That Are Actually Worth Watching On Netflix

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Halloween is one week away, and there’s no better time to indulge in some horror flicks. Classic slasher movies are fun to watch, but they typically aren’t the greatest of films. There are some exceptions, though, and we want to share a few with you. If you’re sick of the same old “cheap thrills,” get excited: We’ve rounded up three of our favorite horror films that are actually good, and you can currently catch them all on Netflix. Ready for some Netflix and Chills?

Chicago Apartments, Horror Movies, Netflix, The Witch

The Witch

“Dost thou want to live deliciously?” If your answer is yes, you need to check out The Witch. Set in 1630s New England, the plot follows a Puritanical family who is excommunicated from their community, forcing them to set up their home near an ominous forest. Soon, the youngest infant disappears, and horror begins to take over the families lives.

Chicago Apartments, Horror Movies, Netflix, It Follows

It Follows

Horror takes the form of a sexually transmitted curse in It Follows. The movie revolves around a deadly omen that’s passed from person to person through sexual encounters. Once you “catch” it, there’s no escaping, unless you pass it on to someone else. It Follows isn’t just scary. It offers some unique commentary on teenagehood and intimacy that’s open to interpretation, and it has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Hush has many components of a typical “cat and mouse game” type horror film, with one major plot twist: The main character, Kate, is deaf. She lives alone in the woods, completely isolated from society when she becomes the chosen victim of a crazed, masked killer. Kate’s lack of hearing amplifies the most intense moments of this movie, as she must rely on her other senses to escape from death. It all leads to a satisfying ending you won’t want to skip.


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