2018 Chicago Music Festivals

Chicago Apartments, Music Festivals, Chicago's Jazz Festival

Is music your thing?

Spring brings tons of concerts and festivals and you are sure to find one that suits your favorite styles of music.

Keep reading to find out about the hottest festivals in Chicago.

Not only can you listen to music but you can visit beautiful attractions and sight see while there.

Who knew there could be so many music festivals in one city?


Chicago Apartments, Music Festivals, Lollapalooza

Is a music festival that has all different types of music. It takes place August 2-5 of this year and is the biggest music festival in Chicago. Going to this festival will expose you to some of the biggest artists in rock, pop, hip-hop, and even electronic. This is a fun and exciting event that will allow you to visit attractions nearby. Check out HERE to keep up to date with the newest lineups.

Chicago’s Jazz Festival

Chicago Apartments, Music Festivals, Chicago's Jazz Festival

Is scheduled for August 30-September 2 and has all different contemporary jazz artists along with legendary musicians that come back to their roots. Set in Millennium Park and Chicago Cultural Center, the festival is entirely free!

Riot Fest

Chicago Apartments, Music Festivals, Riot Fest

Is a fun and upbeat festival that has all kinds of bands coming to the Windy City. Dates for Riot Fest are scheduled for September 14-18, 2018. You can expect to find punk and rock bands of all sorts at Riot Fest. There are no details as to when it may be held but it is important to listen for upcoming details if you may be interested. Check out their website, HERE for more information.

Nickelodeon SlimeFest

Chicago Apartments, Music Festivals, Nickelodeon SlimeFest

Will take you back to your childhood in the 90’s. This is a family friend event that will be a lot of fun with music and Nick stars and slime! You can get the chance to participate in games to be slimed. The SlimeFest will be taking place June 9-10. Artists including Flo Rida, Kel Mitchell, Riel Downs, and Ella Anderson will hit the stage. Bring the whole family and see Nickelodeon in action!

North Coast Music Festival

Chicago Apartments, Music Festivals, North Coast Music Festival

In Union Park will be full of EDM and hip-hop music. The North Coast Festival will take place August 31-September 2. Artists from all over the country will be featured. Check out the website as concrete details are not yet available. Check out the website HERE!

Chicago Gospel Music Festival

Chicago Apartments, Music Festivals, Chicago Gospel Music Festival

Is scheduled for June 1-2 at the Chicago Cultural Center and Millennium Park. Admission is free for this event. Both traditional and contemporary Gospel will raise the “roof” of the birthplace of the gospel genre. For more information, check it out HERE!

Chicago Blues Festival

Chicago Apartments, Music Festivals, Chicago Blues Festival

Comes to town on June 8-10 at Millenium Park. Admission is free for this event and is the world’s largest free jazz festival. With Chicago being the blues capital of the world, come join some top name performers light up the days and nights. For more information, check out the festival’s website HERE!

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