Chicago Apartments, Rentgrata

PPM is partnering with Rentgrata to give you another reason to love where you live. Rentgrata is a Chicago-based startup helping apartment renters make a little money on the side, without much effort.

PPM offers their residents a referral reward for helping attract a new tenant to one of their many properties here in Chicago. However, these referral rewards are often difficult to earn because we usually have no idea when and where our friends are thinking about moving.

Moving is always stressful. Whether someone is headed to a new city, new neighborhood, or just a new apartment, they probably have questions about all of the above. Rentgrata helps them get answers from people who live there, right now. If you can answer these questions, now you can be rewarded.

Rentgrata helps you capitalize on the referral program offered by PPM. Download Rentgrata on the App Store and create an account. Add your address so we can list you as a resident of your building. Don’t worry, your safety and privacy are extremely important to us, so your full name and apartment number are never publicly displayed.

Chicago Apartments, Rentgrata

People searching for apartments on Rentgrata can browse listings all over the city, and message current residents to ask questions that are important to them. Sit back and let your friends and other Rentgrata users reach out to you with questions about your apartment building. Provide some helpful feedback, and if whomever you speak with ends up signing a lease at your building, you each earn up to $250 as a referral reward, every time.

Chicago Apartments, Rentgrata

Rentgrata was built because the founders wanted to give everyone an opportunity to monetize their apartment lease and give them a reason to love renting. We all rent because we enjoy the flexible lifestyle that renting provides, and affording the down payment on a home in our ideal location is far from easy.

Rentgrata introduces to renters the world’s first financial apartment amenity. Earn a few hundred bucks per month by simply replying to messages on your phone. It doesn’t get much easier. Download Rentgrata today. Help someone find a new home, build community, and make some money along the way.

If you have any questions, shoot the RG team an email at If you have any questions, shoot the RG team an email at

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