PPM’s Top 5 Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know everyone is as excited about it as we are! That’s right the time the leaves change, the candy flows, and the haunts come out. It’s such a fun and exciting holiday that has only become more and more popular throughout the years. Here at PPM we just love Halloween in Chicago almost as much as we love pets. That’s right, many PPM buildings are pet friendly and many have great dog parks like 1000 North LaSalle or 515 Briar.

So how does our love of dogs tie in to Halloween you might ask? Well its simple really, not only can people dress up for a spooky night of treats and parties but also our furry friends. That’s right, our dogs and what a better time for them to join in on the fun. In fact last year we hosted a few dog costume contests with some fantastic entrees. So this year we thought we pick our top 5 doggie Halloween costume ideas for 2015. So let’s get to it!

The Cowboy

First up is the Cowboy, how cool is this!

The Bumble Bee

You can even add wings!

The French Maid

Need we say more, this is to cute!

The Minion

From the popular Minion movie!

Marty McFly

This is like cosplay for a dog, so cool!

These are just a taste of ideas for your dog, maybe you use one or maybe you can come up with your own spooky ideas. Whichever it may be we love to see what you come up with, so make sure to #ppmhalloween! For other costume ideas make sure to check out our previous blog on our Top Five Halloween costumes of 2015.

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