10 Gifts Under $20 for a Budget-Friendly Christmas

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Shopping, Gifts under $20

Figuring out who to include on your Christmas gift shopping list can be stressful. You don’t want to exclude anyone but you also don’t want to blow through a ton of money on gifts. Here is a list of 20 gifts under $20 that are sure to put a smile on someone’s face while also keeping some money in your pocket this holiday season.

NYT Little Red and Green Book of Crosswords

$14/Amazon.com If you have a friend or relative that commutes on a train or bus this would be the perfect gift.

Lug Straightener Travel Case

$17/Amazon.com Safely store and travel with a hot flat iron (and the cord). I don’t know what girl couldn’t use this!
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Shopping, Gifts under $20

 Chocolatines Hot Chocolate Swirl

$7.75/Chocolatines.com Basically a wonderfully decadent chocolate at the end of a stick allows you to make the most perfect cup of hot chocolate with just a cup of steamed milk. They come as a set.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Shopping, Gifts under $20, Chocolatines

 Bergino Turf Coasters

$12.95 for 4/Bergino.com Perfect for the sports fanatic, drink coasters that look like astro turf.

Personalized Fortune Cookies

$13/Fortunatelyyours.com These hand decorated cookies will seem like you splurged.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Shopping, Gifts under $20, Fortunatelyyours.com

Market Tote Bag

$18/West Elm With a large variety of market totes to choose from you can cover everyone.

Fitness Guru Water Bottle

$19/West Elm Because who doesn’t need a very sharp looking stainless steel water bottle? Probably always a safe bet.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Shopping, Gifts under $20

Hand Painted Folk Owl Mug

$14/Anthropologie A beautiful mug is a guaranteed hit for any of the coffee drinkers in your life.

Philips SoundShooter Portable Speaker

$17/Amazon.com A compact portable speaker that fits most smartphones and electronic devices.

Avocado Cuber

$17/Williams-Sonoma Because if someone gave you an avocado cuber, you’d probably be ridiculously happy.

Mini Bookmark Set

$9/Marc Jacobs For the reader in your life. Plus, anything with a brand name like Marc Jacobs automatically seems like an expensive gift.

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